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"A whisper, son - if there's others unhappy, they won't be happier for your sorrow. You'd want a long arm and you putting it round an army. -Mrs Doyle [Act III, Scene 17]. Copyright © Forty Feet 2017.
At Swim, Two Boys the stage production, was conceived by Tim Scott as a way to mark the 1916 centenary with the Samuel Beckett Theatre in Dublin. At Swim offered the perfect opportunity to mark 100 years with a different focus, noting the struggle not only of the Irish people for freedom, but financial struggle through the poverty shown in characters such as the Doyle's and the struggle for LGBT rights (the performance notably taking place a year on from the marriage equality referendum). At Swim not only tells a story of a rebellion 101 years ago, but echoes everything to come in the gap of 100 years. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the cast and crew who invested so much time and effort into the original production of this show, and to Jamie O'Neill, Billy Purcell and Chrissie Poulter for their support in the development of this piece. We see the performance in the Beckett in June 2016 as the first leap forward for this adaptation that retells the masterpiece by Jamie O'Neill. At Swim Team May 2017
Mrs Doyle [Orla Devlin]